Managing a $3m hospitality business at age 24 forced me to believe in myself and to just do what had to be done.

It spurred me to continuously improve and to let my creativity flow.

Chris Littler


For five years, I wanted to swim the Rottnest Channel. At last in 2013 I did it. I visualised finishing and getting out of the water. This motivated me as I swam for 10 hours 59 mins.

Just have a go at what you really want to do.

Christine Hall

Mountain climbing is definitely the best thing I've ever done. The whole way up is a constant mental and physical struggle and there are so many points where you think you can't go on. Once you get to the top it is so rewarding and worth it and you really do feel more alive than ever before.

Rick van Brakel, Huyana Potosi 6088m in Bolivia









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